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Proto Pipe Deluxe

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    The Proto Pipe  Deluxe, has been around for years and probably is one of the most famous tobacco pipe out there in the market today. It was originally patented on June 16 1981. The production was led by a team of dedicated workers in Willits California. The protopipe has many important features and aspects and is intended only for smoking tobacco.

    The Proto Pipe is a piece of intricate instrument made from high quality brass. Undoubtedly, this pipe is by the far the easiest tobacco pipe to clean. Unlike the other versions of tobacco pipe which uses screens, Proto Pipe does not have a screen but a solid metal bowl with holes cut in it. Even if those holes do get clogged, the tar can be easily removed with the help of the poker (included with your Proto Pipe located in the slot on the bowl).  

    The brass chamber  that twists into the bowl can hold up to 5 loads of tobacco stash. The weight of the Proto Pipe deluxe is not more then a mere few ounces and can be easily fit anywhere, even your pocket. The price tag of $49.95 is quite low compared to the feasibility of this amazing piece of equipment. Proto Pipe Deluxe is an answer to the needs of a contemporary tobacco smoker !!!


Click here for cleaning instructions on the ProtoPipe

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