Starbuzz Electronic Cigarette

Starbuzz Electronic Cigarette
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Product Description

Starbuzz E-Cigarette

The Best Brand of Hookah flavors now have their own brand of electronic cigarette. These cigarette shaped, hand held E-Cigarettes are the perfect way to enjoy your favorite Starbuzz flavors on the go and without any ash, fire, or odor. Each Starbuzz E-Cig will last for approximately 500 puffs! 

1) A flavor cartridge which contains 12 mg of nicotine. 
2) A smart chip and atomization chamber powered by a lithium battery. 
3) An LED light which will light the tip of the E-Cig up when the unit is in use. 
1) Grab the red tag on the side of the E-Cig and give it a pull. 
2) Remove the plastic cap from the end of your E-Cig. 
3) Press the button on the side to activate. 
4) Enjoy 500 puffs of your favorite Starbuzz flavors!