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Blunt Wraps

At Xtreme Collection, we carry all the major brands of quality blunt wraps. Blunt Wraps are wraps which help you to roll your own tobacco. Not only this method proves to be cheaper then buying cigarettes but consumer tend to like the fruity flavored taste. These wrap make your tobacco even more enjoyable and some of the blunt wraps even promote slow burning. You can also roll your own tobacco in Cigarette Papers . At Xtreme Collection we carry packs to suit all our customer need, from Indiviually to Wholesale. The blunts are fresh and new as we get shipment every week from our suplliers, outdated and expired wraps are thrown away & replaced. Please check out latest inventory of wraps:

Zig-Zag Blunt Wraps
Most Aromatic Cigar Wraps!
Royal XXL Blunt Wraps
Extra Wide Cigar Wraps!
Platinum Blunt Wraps
2 Blunts in a Pack!!!
New!!! XXL Platinum Blunt Wraps
Extra Wide Platinum's!!
Cyclone Blunt Wraps
Pre Rolled Cigar Wraps
Cyclone Clear Blunt Wraps
Clear Pre Rolled Wraps!
Tobacco Blunt Wraps Wholesale
Buy Blunt Wraps at Incredibly Low Prices!!!
Juicy Blunt Wraps
Triple Dip Flavor System!