Arizona Safe CanZoom

Arizona Safe Can

Item# arizonasafe
  • Stash Can

  • Twist open from the top


Have Valuables that you want to hide effectively? At Xtreme Collection we now carry decoy which dont only look alike the actual containers but they are weighted to feel the exact same way. You can now hide your precious valuables & jewelry at a fraction of a safe by purchasing these cool Stash Containers & Safe Cans .

The best part is that all your valuables will be right in front of you and only you will be the one who will know where they are. At Xtreme Collection, we have the Soda & Beer Cans which open from the top.  Shaving Cream & WD-40 Can which open from the bottom and etc.

These Stash Containers are made from actual product. These containers are meant to be used for the purpose of protecting your valuables, money & Jewelry.  THESE CAN SAFES MAY CONTAIN FOOD PRODUCTS BUT ARE MEANT FOR STORAGE ONLY. ANY USE OTHER THAN WHAT IS DESCRIBED IN THE DESCRIPTION ABOVE IS PROHIBITED.


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